Kim Kardasian, porn and her fame

9 Jun

I can’t for the foggiest understand why Kim K.’s so well-publicized. I mean, she’s got a porn tape out there which she filmed with her ex-bf, which got leaked and eventually was commercialised with her consent (ya, she got money out of it too). She’s on the Daily Mail’s news everyday and you know what? I was watching the new season of The Diva and she made a cameo appearence. Aiyoh, this is terrible. Make a porn tape and get famous? What is this world coming to?!

Then again, there was a certain minister who had a sex tape leaked out but he’s still around and still in office. So go figure.

The world is really going bonkers.



* By the way, I really think Kim K’s butt is huge and i don’t believe she’s a size zero. Victoria Beckham looks like a size zero but Kim K looks like a size 12 lah. Whoever wrote that she’s a size zero should really get their eyes checked.




My saturday tea and book

2 Jun

Sitting again at Starbucks whilst on “national service”, drinking superbly ice-cold cappuccino and munching on cracked black pepper chips. Am reading two books at the moment but with me today is my favourite author Bill Bryson. I love his acerbic, witty and informatic writtings.




A long weekend again… long not because of holidays but tedium.

25 May

I have a visitor so I’ve been busy. She’s partly hiding here at my place over the weekend to avoid someone (whom I’ve forgotten and its reason). Not very good timing.

Anyway, I have to see how to plan my time tomorrow – Saturday.

I dread being late for dinner.


I almost wanted to slap his face but the power for forgiveness is strong

21 May

H came to pick me up from my place and he saw my dad at the gate. Dad was trying to fix the autogate.

H has never seen my dad before and remarked to me that my dad looked old. I told him dad’s 66yo and he said dad looked much older, body being to hunched up and all. I kept reiterating that Dad’s actually very fit and he probably was hunching cos he was looking down at the gate motor. But H was adament. And he kept saying Dad looks older than his age, weak. And the last straw was he said that my Dad looked like an 80yo man going to die but refusing to die. H said that twice! And I controlled myself… i controlled myself and eventually told H to “shut up”, to which he did and he did laughing. I think he was trying to test my patience or he’s just a total idiot. Or maybe both.

Anyway, fast forward an hour later, we met up with Y for dinner. Whilst H was at the ATM machine, I told Y about it and told her H wasn’t very nice in saying those things. Y totally agreed with me and asked why I didn’t screw H properly. I told her, aiyah… forgive him lah.

We three went for our movie marathon until 2am then.
Here’s the odd thing. After I said that, although I’m unhappy that H was stupidly blunt to the point of being an idiot, but i can’t seem to muster up hatred for him. Is it because I said I had forgiven him?

Yesterday’s lunch

17 May


Like a rabbit’s lunch

9 May

Its not very filing. 😦
So I drank a full mug of water just now.


The best acar ever!

7 May


Carrot’s mom gave me a bottle. So shiok.
This one’s like gold, got money also can’t buy.

Supper part 2. Godiva chocolates

7 May


They tastes much nicer than the Japanese ones I bought from Takashimaya. Jap chocolates just don’t quite make the cut.

Supper last night. Cadbury Fingers

7 May


Tested a small packet and was pleasantly surprised. Nice!!!! Will buy again.

Lazy saturday

5 May

Was supposed to do IT support today but kinda blur feeling. Had a good breakfast and catching up with Carrot. Now having my coffee and snack.